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A certified merger and acquisition advisor and veteran HR practitioner, Connie Barnaba is not the typical M&A Business Consultant.  A former HR executive in a Fortune 500 company, she brings a fresh perspective to the assessment of risk involved with business integration because she is uniquely focused on the risk created by people who must execute the business strategy.  A change management expert with more than 20 years of HR management experience, Barnaba is also a regular contributor to the Houston Business Journal. To access the articles she’s written on M&A risk, visit and type her name in the search box.

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What People Are Saying...

Why Business Marriages Fail Book

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Michael Nall, President
Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors

"A real eye opener to an area of M&A risk that tends to be overlooked. Even when the financials are strong, there may still be considerable risk to deal success when people relied upon to drive financial results leave the company or become unproductive."


Richard Huebner, Former President
Houston Minority Supplier Development Council

"Barnaba’s book and her business are built on her ability to ask the right questions, to identify the right people to answer her questions, to listen to what they have to say, and then to create new approaches to solving old problems.  She’s a strategic thinker.  That’s a sure-fire formula for business success. "


Marlon Harrison, Executive
Former Vice President, Strategy & Portfolio, Motiva Enterprises

"So much due diligence goes into large M&A deals, if management would devote a few hours to Why Business Marriages Fail, they would certainly improve the probability of capturing the incremental value that business combinations promise but rarely deliver."


Bill Catlette
Co-author of Contented Cows

"Why Business Marriages Fail is the business equivalent of a pre cana conference for companies contemplating marriage.  In it, Connie Barnaba absolutely nails the secret sauce of effective business combinations. This is likely the cheapest (and best) advice you’ll ever get on doing mergers and acquisitions." 


Richard Goldman
Business Consultant, former Wall Street Attorney and CEO

"Connie’s Why Business Marriages Fail is a must read for executives and board members who favor a growth strategy based on acquisitions. While most books of this type focus on the financial risks of M&A activity, Connie takes another approach and looks at the numerous effects on the employees of both acquirer and the target when combining two organizations with different cultures, processes, values and communication styles. Connie’s book gives prudent corporate leaders the insights needed to include a “people/culture” risk analysis as part of their due diligence process."


Alfred Moran
Global Consultant, Turnaround Specialist, former NYSE Director

"Barnaba is right on point when she says that companies being merged are best advised to focus on resolving culture differences before the transaction closes. If they don't, the culture clashes will be the greatest drivers of failure."


Edgar Papke
Global Consultant, Change Management Specialist

"When there are two companies together . . . the conversation winds up being a dysfunctional conflict as people battle for what culture and how they are supposed to operate. So much time and energy are consumed in conflicts around misalignment, that’s very often the reason M&A’s fail to get their outcome."