To become the recognized leader in capitalizing on common ground and cultural differences in order to create sustainable and harmonious business relationships.
To assist our clients in effectively integrating the business operations of one or more businesses with significant cultural differences.

We value: 

1. The lens of each stakeholder.
2. The strengths of our partners.
3. Elevating common ground.
4. Candid communication.
5. Keeping all commitments.
6. Cementing relationships.
7. Walking our talk.


About Barnaba & Associates

Barnaba & Associates, Inc. is a consulting group offering middle market companies planning a merger or acquisition the opportunity to conduct a pre-deal assessment of the risk inherent with integrating business operations. These risks are frequently not identified in the traditional due diligence process because they impact value created and sustained by people and processes - intangible assets that are overlooked or disregarded in most financial risk models.  Yet the impact of these risks when they are triggered is swift and pervasive and results in derailing the execution of the merged company's business strategy as evidenced by an on-going trend of poor performance by a high percentage of US companies attempting a merger or acquisition.

The data provided by the Integration Risk Assessment and the Risk Mitigation Cost Estimate provide the buyer with critical information that may be effectively utilized in target selection, establishing the value of the target company, and in the timely development of an integration strategy. A modified version of the Integration Risk Assessment is also of value in preparing the seller’s exit strategy.  Barnaba & Associates is a member of the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors.

The Lead Consultant

Connie Barnaba is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor and a certified Global Professional in HR. Her career includes more than 20 years of managerial HR experience in for profit and not for profit businesses, in unionized and non-union settings, and with public sector and private sector employees. Before establishing her consulting business, she managed national HR Services operations for a Fortune 500 company that markets HR services to small and mid-sized businesses.  As a result of research conducted with 100 M&A experts, Barnaba has developed a high-level Integration Risk Assessment that identifies the post-deal integration risks that are likely to be triggered as a result of cultural misalignment. At no charge to the client, A Risk Mitigation Cost Estimate is then provided by a team of branded partners and pre-qualified small businesses that specialize in mitigating one or more areas of integration risk.  Both branded partners and pre-qualified companies participating in the preferred provider network have entered into formal consulting agreements with Barnaba to create the capacity to provide a comprehensive suite of risk management services. For the complete story about how Connie started her consulting business, click on Defining Moments.

Confidentiality Assured

All service providers sign a confidentiality agreement requiring their employees and contractors to maintain the confidentiality of the client's information and have also committed to facilitating the signature of additional commitments to confidentiality if required by the client.

Personalized Customer Service

Regardless of the size of the service delivery team, the client has one point of contact and receives only one invoice for services provided. Barnaba assumes complete responsibility for managing the service delivery team and the service providers assigned to the client will interface with the managers designated by the client.

Standardized Reporting

Each service provider follows a standardized reporting format so that the graphics and summarization of risk are consistent and easy for the client to review and compare.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Barnaba & Associates delivers Risk Management solutions. We know that you are interested in performance. If you are not satisfied with the results that we deliver, I'll waive the consultant's fee.  And that's a guarantee.


Constance Barnaba